Artist Statement

"The theme of all my art is the richness and individualism of life - the uniqueness of all beings and the sharing of emotions among all creatures.  There is so much life and beauty constantly surrounding us as we rush through our own daily appointed tasks, but we hardly take time to notice.  When you look at one of my paintings I hope a few monents of that day may be spared to think, notice, remember, feel, and ponder those things from which we let ourselves become so detached.  If the artwork can make you pause, see a moment frozen in time of your own life experiences or make you want such a monent, then the work has been successful."



Carolyn McKee-Freese is an artist, teacher, equestrian, and animal lover.  Her art is known for its attention to detail and portrayal of the spirit and individual personality of her subjects.  Carolyn's artwork resides in private collections throughout the U.S., Scotland, England, and South Africa.

After graduating from Northern Illinois University she pursued several career paths and personal goals which involved working with her three loves - animals, nature, and art.  She feels these experiences have continually added to her developement as an artist both in an understanding of her subject matter (anatomical and behavioral) and my exploration of various art media.

She has trained horses for over 16 years (show horses and race horses), taught public school art (high school and middle school) for 25 years, worked with scientists at the Chicago Field Museum doing fossil reconstruction drawings of newly discovered species, worked as a private contractor for the museum's education dept., and currently gives private art lessons, workshops and clsses to adults children and clubs.

She recently retired form 25 years of teaching art in the public school system where she received the Coca-Cola Educator of the month award, Yorkville High School's Educator of the Year, and was an eight time recipient of the student voted Most Influental Teacher.  Carolyn has also worked with the Chicago Field Museum's Paleontology and Ed. Dept.s from 1999-2009 and exhibited artwork in New York State Museum, Arizonz's Sonora Desert Museum, and Chcago's Field Museum.  She has won awards at art shows and conpetitions in drawing, pastel, watercolor, and mixed media catagories.

Besides a few exhibits and art fairs each year, Carolyn's work is sold through private contract and at the Illinois State Museum's "Illinois Artisan Shop's" in Chicago and Rend Lake.